Adobe Stock: Social Media Posts Set with Glitch Background by Wavebreak Media, Abstract Dark Poster Layout with Colorful Neon Accents by blackcatstudio, Pattern, ornament in the Gothic style by ae, Black skull 3D rendering by Deniss, Futuristic Neon Social Media Grid Layout by Wavebreak Media, Adobe Fonts: Leather Light by Canada Type, Metalissa Black by Suitcase Type Foundry,  Alexander Quill Regular by Canada Type. Futuristic materials, moody lighting, industrial influences, and striking typography make this edgy visual approach seem simultaneously old-world and visionary. Those expanding industries have begun to realize the importance of representing mature crowds as relevant figures, full of unique, vibrant, high-energy people. The 3D trend reached its peak in 2019 and it certainly won’t fade away so … Liquid abstract forms are natural and organic, leading to freely-flowing shapes with powerful curves. Adobe Stock recently released a report detailing the 2020 creative trends. This year, we’re going further. Check back here to be sure you don’t miss a thing. Adobe Fonts: Acier BAT Text Noir by Production Type, Gin Regular by Fort Foundry, Blakely Light by Mark Simonson Studio. | Careers Each year, the Adobe Stock team pores over data and signals from Adobe users, influencers, search, research reports, global news, emerging fine art, and fashion runways so we can report insights of where we see the year ahead unfolding creatively. Use shadows and lighting to heighten the sense of drama or glamour. All the tools you need to create, collaborate, and stay in sync. As we enter 2020, creatives of all types are finding that we need to work fluidly between many design mediums, channels, and tools to effectively communicate with a multitude of audiences. In the market, evidence of this trend is all around us. ISUX has done a design trend research to share insights on 2019 - 2020 design trends. Though this is often referred to in the media as a millennial-to-Generation Z phenomenon, this trend truly has no age limit. As software makes it easier to express shapes and materials like rippling water, gleaming metal, and smooth spheres, I find more designs incorporating these concepts,” says Berglund. Moving neon elements create a dynamic energy. Here’s a look at our four top visual trends for 2020. The softer, quieter colours may be a byproduct of the pervasive effects of social media on our lives, as more people purposefully blur the lines between public and private life, inviting their online friends and followers into their offices, bedrooms, and even their closets. Artists craving a natural touch have created an emotionally approachable style that is notable through its simplicity and handcrafted tone. With services and platforms like Spotify and YouTube, it takes only moments for younger generations to dig into the vast digital archive and unearth the edgiest or most popular music, films, and pop culture imagery of decades past. Catch up on our 2020 Visual Trends launch, and check back for a deep dive into Motion Trends, and comprehensive explorations into each trend throughout the year. Fantastical imagery brings a vibrant new perspective across all mediums. While illustrations have been prevalent on websites for many years, there’s a … Try the creative type features in Illustrator to craft daring typography on which to build your designs. Design touches everything we see and do. Jan 22, 2020 - Dieline is a global showcase of package design inspiration. “It’s not just about fantasy,” clarifies Berglund, “but a fantasy of something magical, beautiful. | Contact Adobe, Copyright © 2020 Adobe Systems Software Ireland Ltd. All rights reserved. The team at Adobe Stock is armed with thousands of pages of imagery, reports, news and data and after viewing the cornucopia available to them, Adobe Stock has come up with its 2020 creative trends, this year including visual, motion and design trends. Today’s intrepid makeup artists accept no rules about which color goes where: eyes, lips, brows, body — anything goes. While some of your favorite Instagram accounts portray a life of leisure and … With the globalization of visual culture growing faster all the time, brands need to keep up with the constantly changing shifts in aesthetics. Don’t miss our in-depth creative trend coverage. “There’s a huge interest in immersive environments right now,” she says, pointing to several cultural obsessions that are reaching a fever pitch and show no signs of abating: virtual reality has hit the mainstream, Yayoi Kusama Infinity Room installations are drawing record-setting crowds, and retail shopping has morphed into a multisensory experience. This trend reflects a collective desire to remove ourselves from everyday ugliness.”. The emphasis on the handmade and individually crafted reflects a wider cultural shift toward the personal and authentic, according to Brenda Milis, Creative Services and Visual Trends Principal at Adobe Stock. In the market, we’ve seen that consumers are eager to see themselves represented authentically. “This design trend is strongly related to the larger visual/cultural trend we identified, which we’ve dubbed Express Yourself. Here’s our forecast for the design trends that will define 2020. Striking, nostalgic visual elements reminiscent of the bold Art Deco age have been bubbling to the surface. Staying relevant … Accessibility is (finally) key ‍ Before I dive in here, I have to offer a confession on behalf of Webflow: … Neon in motion assets adds a jolt of energy and glow, creating a retro feel that is simultaneously visionary, fun, and electric. In addition to re-emerging influences of line art and Cubism in current graphic design, there are also references to the sleek Streamline Moderne movement in product, interior, and motion design, which reflect a famously forward-thinking era of innovation. The blocky layouts, geometric patterns, and metallic details in the Art Deco movement are now updated with a futuristic twist and play heavily with elevated typography. “In part, this trend is a response to the inescapable sleek, ‘flat’ design aesthetic we’ve seen, especially in our technology products for the past several years,” says Milis. For brands as well as for designers, incorporating hand-crafted elements helps create an approachable personality, and can be a genuine, effective way to connect emotionally with people. If you’re interested in becoming an Adobe Stock artist, sign up and take a look at the different guidelines for our range of asset types. Image source: (Left) Musicman80 / Adobe Stock; (Right) Katia / Adobe Stock._. We help our customers create, deliver and optimize content and applications. The 2020 Visual Trends All Ages Welcome: Aging gracefully is not only possible—it’s the new normal. We’ll be releasing a deeper dive into our Design Trends and Motion Trends later this year, but here’s a special preview of what’s to come. Maybe you can’t afford to take that Instagram-perfect holiday, but you can drop into a world of surreal fantasy through an experience, either in virtual reality, art installations, or shopping.”, The new Semi-Surreal design reflects the myriad ways in which artists, game designers, retailers, and brands are seeking to serve this growing need. The combination of futuristic materials, moody lighting, and striking typography makes this visual approach feel simultaneously old-school and visionary. Creative skill sets are keeping pace with the readiness of applications that help us fluently translate our ideas into reality. This speculative fiction genre, comprised of a mélange of film noir and cynicism in a high-tech future, was first popular in the 1980s and 90s, with notable now-classic books like Neuromancer (by a father of the genre, William Gibson), and mainstream hit films like Blade Runner (1982) and Hackers (1995), and influential anime like Ghost in the Shell (1995). Want to explore the Semi-Surreal design trend? Now that more people are shopping online during the pandemic, brands need to facilitate the myriad ways people hunt, browse and discover products. These effects can add depth and grit to your creative concepts. “When we were young,” recalls Berglund, “we had a particular aesthetic when we envisioned the future. Thanks to advances in health and a more interconnected world referencing the same inspiration, mature audiences are not only active but relevant social figures and inspirations, proving age is nothing but a number. The Adobe Stock team takes a look at what’s happening in social media, advertising, global news, fashion imagery and much more to bring us the creative and motion trends for 2020. Nami Berglund, Curator for Behance, also traces a connection between the rise of conscious consumerism and the handmade zeitgeist. | Privacy Until recently, older audiences have often been portrayed in terms of “needing help” and “slowing down” — but not anymore. Hit Them In The Feels. The personal is now highly purposeful, and consumers of all ages are exercising their increasing influence. Beyond just looking at skin tones, we’re seeing color pop up in new ways. The older, more sophisticated, and financially stable we become, the more we’re exploring and experiencing the world in inspiring ways. What began in cinema now appears far beyond the movie screen — today, viewers see these elements in Netflix series, music videos, games, and social videos. Today, TV shows like Black Mirror let you reimagine the setting closer to home…and it can get creepy! Thanks to social media, people are more public and open than ever when it comes to expressing their feelings. Beyond trends, there’s a growing need to deeply connect to larger cultural, economic, and social movements through a multitude of industries.  Stay with us throughout the year as we explore these trends further and see how artists are embracing them in their work on the Adobe Blog. While much of the modern internet was just getting started, the mid-90s were marked by a widespread, hopeful utopianism as many people considered the potential positive impacts of new technologies on our lives, the promise of democratisation of information, which many hoped would bring greater empathy and educational improvements for all.  Don’t miss all of our in-depth creative trend coverage. 4 Design Trends That Will Define 2020 Handmade Humanism. Image source: Thais Ramos Varela / Stocksy United / Adobe Stock. Viewers now expect social media videos with exciting, interactive graphics. ©ï¸ Max Gor / EyeEm back to menu ↑ Authentic & Candid Images Based on the trends they’re reporting, here are what they are and how … Creativity spans many perspectives, mediums and skills. Fubiz and Adobe Stock continue their collaboration to highlight the visual trends identified by Adobe for the year 2020.. For the end of the year, we are interested in the “Modern Goth” design trend. Adobe Stock trends 2020 reimagining beauty The final visual trend is titled ‘From Me to We’ by Adobe and it highlights the movement toward people coming together to support various causes. Art Deco Updates. Next week, Adobe is rolling out ‘visual similarity recommendations’ which offer AI-powered product suggestions based on what consumers are considering purchasing. Add futuristic, metallic accents to express refinement to your designs. Pop culture like this explores the darker, near-future implications of the technology we’re now living with every day.”.  As we enter this century’s roaring ‘20s, the familiar forms of Art Deco are making a comeback. Today, people aren’t so interested in that. 2020 will show us many artists using new tools and techniques to create the impossible and alter our vision. Image source: Lightleak Films / Adobe Stock. To incorporate this trend into your work, add a bit of whimsy to your designs with hand-drawn shapes, patterns, 3D materials, and brushes using Adobe Capture. It is not necessary to follow the annual design trend report, but it is important whether the designer is aware… 2020 marks our first year releasing trends specifically geared toward the world of design. This new standard drives increased development of graphics that respond to movement, attracting eyeballs and increasing engagement. According to the team at Adobe Stock, these visual and creative trends will dominate 2020. Adobe Stock’s visual trends for 2020: express yourself Consumers are coming together to support purpose-driven causes and are increasingly eco-conscious. The Adobe Stock Creative Services team has announced the 2020 visual trends. Adobe Stock Releases 2020 Visual Trends Forecast... See more of Dieline on Facebook In our youth, ‘futuristic’ meant new space stations, new technology, going to Mars. Seemingly on the opposite end of the visual spectrum lies a trend we’re calling Semi-Surreal. Instead, contemporary grooming focuses on celebrating a person’s unique looks and style, and color appears in expressive, artistic, and inclusive ways. The report is pulled together with the help of WGSN and Edelman, and insight that we have gathered here at Adobe via Behance and search terms on Adobe Stock. The movement toward people coming together to support causes large and small is scaling. For 2020, we’re excited to reveal not just four Visual Trends, but accompanying Motion Trends and Design Trends too. And this on-the-fly use of visual interpretation and recommendation is just the start. We look to artful and DIY-influenced elements for a fresh and personal touch in a digital world. One spin through Instagram will tell you that today’s makeup is not about “hiding flaws” — it’s about standing out. All Ages Welcome. An intimate, soft colour palette keeps your designs from looking “retro” and brings them up to date. Animated content is making its way into a modern world where written content is not as captivating as it was. Adobe is changing the world through digital experiences. In Makeup is Not a Mask, we’re honing in on this trend to describe how today’s personal style is breaking all the established rules of beauty in pursuit of authentic self-expression. In a blog post the company shared the top four visual trends that brands should take note of: All ages welcome Mature audiences are not only active but relevant social figures and inspirations – giving rise to the expansion of focus from youth-centric (18-35 years) to wider audiences. Start by experimenting with gradients, glitter, and re-colourations of everyday objects using Photoshop’s advanced compositing tools. This style contrasts with ubiquitous geometric and functional design, creating dynamic and fluid compositions. Staying relevant at any age is the new normal. “One minute you’re watching her on TV, the next minute, you’re buying rose gold hangers and thinking, maybe I ought to have a nicer, more Instagram-worthy closet!”. By 2020, the number of people aged 60 or older will outnumber children under 5 years old, according to the World Health Organization. Packaging design industry news, sustainable packaging, package design trends, packaging conferences, package design events, and package design awards. Artists are creating interesting dichotomies between analogue and digital elements, whether it’s references to graphics from the early days of the internet or cassette tape mock-ups with sci-fi designs. Create abstract compositions in Dimension by playing around with lighting, textures, and repetition with models balanced with neutral palettes to ground the visuals.  Above all, let your sense of wonder and imagination be your guide.