Pros and Cons of Bamboo Sheets: Are They Worth The Money? Are bamboo sheets more comfortable than Egyptian cotton sheets? The Cons. The conventional method for producing bamboo fabric is similar to making rayon. Especially because of the customer reviews. Let’s start with the bad news first and talk about the good news last. Whether you’re attracted to their hypoallergenic nature (no more dust mites!) Bamboo and linen bed sheets each have their own pros and cons, but both are comfortable, breathable and hypoallergenic. One of the great things about bamboo sheets is that they’re super breathable. The Pros of Bamboo Sheets. Yes. Fascinating History of Silk (China & India): Why is it Important & Silk Road. So, we’ve talked about the pros and cons of bamboo sheets. Make sure to do your research before purchasing. Some of these chemicals include carbon disulfide and caustic soda. One of the biggest cons for bamboo silk is its delicacy and issues with water. This staining lo… Unlike blinds that have rows of adjustable slats, shades are a different type of window covering that is made of a single unit of material, usually fabric, that can cover the entire window. Clothing made out of 100% bamboo is very comfortable to wear but will wear out fast when washed in the washing machine. Yes, bamboo sheets are definitely worth it. Bamboo is easier to dye so they still carry fewer chemicals than other types of sheets. When it comes to pros and cons of bamboo flooring, there’s some controversy about whether or not it’s a sustainable material. Pros and Cons of Bamboo Sheets: Are they worth the money? On one hand, it’s a fast-growing plant that’s available in vast quantities, so it’s a rapidly renewable resource. Even though its softness, 100% bamboo fabric is not suitable for clothing as it is such a fragile fiber. A bamboo countertop offers durability, as long as it is treated properly. First things first, bamboo is a regenerated fibre and cotton is a natural fibre. There are many uses for bamboo, from bamboo flooring to bamboo towels and clothing. Bamboo sheets tend to be much softer and comfortable against your skin because instead of multiple short threats being woven together, like with cotton and polyester sheets, bamboo sheets are made by stretching thin bamboo strings across the sheet. So, how do bamboo sheets hold up to microfiber sheets? Pros and cons of bamboo fiber Valuable properties of this raw material give bamboo blankets special advantages. This makes bamboo bedding the ideal choice for you if you have allergies and sensitive skin. Now, there’s probably a few of you out there that didn’t even know that it was possible to make fabric out of bamboo...especially comfortable fabric… They are also the most comfortable sheets to sleep on the market, therefore, creating a higher demand. To know more about the pros and cons of these two types of sheets and how they fare against each other, check out my in-depth Bamboo Sheets vs Cotton Sheets article. To further highlight the differences between these two underwear fabrics and as to why bamboo underwear is much better overall to cotton underwear, we created a list of the Pros & Cons of the bamboo underwear. After seeing the pros and cons of Merino, Cotton, Polyester, Spandex and many more options, we finally decided on the perfect option: bamboo! One of the things that attract consumers to bamboo sheets is its eco-friendliness. So yeah, the pros easily outweigh the cons. Well, when it comes to durability, comfort and being hypoallergenic, they are equals. March 24, 2009, 3:00 am Bamboo is considered a synthetic fibre because of how it’s processed. The plant is mashed up and basically “cooked” in harsh chemicals like sodium hydroxide (another term for lye) and carbon disulfide. The human race has been wearing cotton clothing since 5,000 BC and it happens to be the most widely used natural fibre in the world today. In fact, bamboo fabric absorbs 70 percent more liquid than regular cotton fabric does; The “Articial Silk” material is incredibly soft. Lucid Dream Leaf Review – Does It Really Work? Bamboo fibers can also be woven together and processed using a variety of methods, allowing for an array of different high-quality bamboo fibers, among them, there is Bamboo Lyocell, Bamboo Viscose, and Bamboo … But once the plant is crushed into the fibrous and stringy material and put through mechanical or chemical processing, we get the silky, soft touch we love. There is a debate about whether you need to pre-wash or not your bamboo batting. You can think of it as an investment since you won’t have to keep buying new bedsheets and its properties will help you stay healthy. I think you come out ahead when you’re comparing it to conventional cotton, because of the pesticides and fertilizers that cotton requires, and it’s definitely a better choice than conventional fleece or polyester, which are made from petroleum products instead of natural materials. Shelley’s viewpoint: Bamboo may make a very attractive hedge or privacy screen but don’t let aesthetics bamboo-zle you into growing it. This fabric is more sustainable compared to cotton but much softer compared to hemp. This question has been nagging me lately, so I did a little bit of digging. Bamboo fabric is light and super soft to touch. Some companies, like Boston-based Greenyarn are finding more ecofriendly means to turn bamboo into fabric. The main issue with bamboo is the method that many companies use turn the stalks into fiber. One of the major claims about bamboo is that it grows quickly, making it a sustainable resource, and its recent explosion in popularity has been putting bamboo’s quick growing properties to the test. The bamboo plant is quite woody so it’s harder to extract the fibers that will be converted into fabric. Since a lot of bamboo species can be grown without the use of pesticides due to their resistance to insects and diseases, sheets made from bamboo won’t cause you to have itchy skin and other allergies. Then, a process called retting is done to separate the fibers. Bamboo is invasive. Just like any other product, bamboo sheets have their own disadvantages as well. With reviews like this, it was easy for me to switch from cotton sheets to bamboo sheets. But how can something that can keep you cool when the weather is hot work out as your cold-weather bedding? Those are some serious downsides! PROS Comfort and luxury Bamboo fiber is incredibly soft, durable and can be modified to look like silk or … Yes. Bamboo sheets are made with 100% bamboo instead of using blends of different fabrics. Thread count will matter as long as it is the same brand or two brands that are similar in quality. Well, it has thermoregulating properties that will keep you warm when the weather is cold. Some customers added that they couldn’t wait to get their second set. Bamboo sheets have been seeing a rise in popularity and demand these days as more and more people discover the advantages bamboo sheets provide. The process for creating and bleaching bamboo fabric sounds like it can be pretty toxic. Learn the pros and cons of landscape fabrics and what alternatives you can use instead. Let’s check out some of the drawbacks of bamboo fabric. They offer a trimmer fit because they have fewer layers of material. Pingback:The Bamboo Question |, Pingback:Fab Fabrics: Greenyarn’s Bamboo Ecofabric : Crafting a Green World, Pingback:Bamboo Buyer Beware: Green Decisions Aren’t Always Clear-Cut, Pingback:Fab Fabrics: Modal Made From Beechwood – Crafting a Green World, Pingback:Easy Baby Blanket | Glue and Glitter. It looks like there are some upsides and some downsides to bamboo fabric. 15 DIY Fox Masks For Cosplay And Dress-Up, A DIY Bunting For Every Occasion: 30 Projects, 30 DIY Envelopes to Save Resources (and Money! However, though linen sheets are still pricey, For more information about advantages and disadvantages of linen and bamboo fabric, you can go to our detailed post about, Bamboo Sheets Pros and Cons Compared to Microfiber Fabric. Here at Cat & Dogma, we choose organically grown … Bamboo sheets are more durable than cotton. It also helps the soil retain water, aiding in moisture regulation throughout the rainy and dry seasons. The bamboo plant is very resilient, so it doesn’t need pesticides and insecticides. Since a lot of bamboo species can be grown without the use of pesticides due to their resistance to insects and diseases, One of the things that attract consumers to bamboo sheets is its eco-friendliness. Like hemp, it does not require harsh chemical pesticides and fertilizers to grow, and it actually helps improve the soil where it’s planted! Look for certifications like Oeko-Tex, Soil Association, SKAL or KRAV. Pingback:Feelgood Style | Sustainable fashion reporting, organic beauty tips, DIY projects + tutorials, + natural product reviews. These are reputable third-party certifiers who verify that a company’s practices are environmentally friendly. They are soft and comfortable and keep you cool and dry for a better night’s sleep. Becky Striepe Very informative article. … It’s also important to know that quality bamboo sheets are comparable to sheets made from Egyptian cotton. If you’re on a tight budget but still want to feel the luxurious soft feel 100% bamboo sheets provide, go for the Royal Hotel. There are a lot of good things about bamboo fabric. However, for bamboo sheets, the thread count doesn’t matter in most cases as some people report 350ct being softer than 500ct. The fact that the fabric is environmentally friendly, and a more comfortable option should mean that it is a far better alternative. Like many organic fabrics and material, washing bamboo made stuff needs much gentler care than regular cotton or microfiber sheets. The benefits that you get from bamboo sheets far outweigh the disadvantages. This means that the soil where the bamboo plants are planted remain unpolluted. But, if you’re willing to look past this small difference, you’ll reap your rewards in terms of the bamboo sheet’s durability. Pros A pillow made with bamboo is naturally hypoallergenic, therefore suitable for people who suffer from allergies. Linen is another popular type of bedding that is often compared with bamboo sheets. It is a complex process to turn plant cellulose into a usable fabric. Bamboo fabric is something really special because, despite being breathable, you can still use it in winter and feel warm.