Hair Doctor; Have you any advice on a colour that won't cause further damage? And my hair was a little dry but only because I hadn't found my staple moisturizer yet but now that I use my Nexxus and Mizani my hair isnt dry at all! References. Anonymous. Everyone couldnt believe I went 7 months w/o a trim but I didnt need it and I didnt start DC'ing, moisturizing, sealing, no direct heat, light protein until last month and my hair was dyed in May. Answer Save. the front part of my hair is looser than the back because when i get my hair colored i usually have the front pieces lighter than the back. 1 decade ago. Wait until you can feel new growth. Thanks!! maybe the same has happened to you, especially considering you colored it thrice. This can be beneficial to the conditioning process because the cuticles are more open. Nourish your locks with a protein treatment. Jessica Leigh is a professional writer with works published for "The Houston Chronicle" and various websites. Can I do this as early as 10 days post-op? Relaxed hair usually requires less processing time. Yes, you can get your hair dyed after perming it although most hair professionals will suggest you color your hair first before you retexturize it with a perm process. Four months ago I asked my hairdresser about going silver/grey. If not how long should I wait in between dying and relaxing? When my hair was relaxed I would actually apply my color immediately after the retouch because the hair … I was planning on relaxing on Sat. If you have concerns or questions about how fragile your hair … Changes in your hair can affect how you feel about yourself. When your hair is strengthened real well, then you can go ahead and color. Protein treatments can help strengthen and replenish damaged hair. if that is the case there really isnt anything you can do about it until it grows out. By following these simple tips for getting your best hair no matter your age—whether you're 40, 50, or even 60—you'll look like you just stepped out of … As a general rule of thumb, only do protein treatments every 1-2 weeks—otherwise, they could actually make your hair more brittle. For some people this change can be one of the worst parts of their treatment. Conditioning is a necessity to protect the hair. like krazycurl said, color can relax your curl pattern. One of my customer asked me about her question:She got a perm about 3 months ago and she want to dye her virgin peruvian hair darker. But there's no need to panic yet. you are able to dye and unfasten up your hair (Shimahair21 on Youtube has butt length comfortable hair and he or she dyed it, she has an tutorial) and also you should attend 4 to 6 weeks to loosen up or dye yet when I were you, I nonetheless does no longer do it. Excessive dying can lead to weak and brittle hair that feels very dry to the touch. usually i go like three days but on top to add to it I just took my braids down on Sunday. I suggest deep conditioning every week and use a mild to moderate protein conditioner like ORS Hair Mayonnaise. Bigen, the hair color is use is mixed with water. she has light brown hair with very light blonde highlights, and she wants to go a medium-dark brunette. Strand test frequently to determine accurate color results. Is there a certain amount of time you need to wait between coloring hair and relaxing hair? If you wait too long to relax your hair after a wash you will find that your hair will itch more because it will attract dirt and dust. Blueblood Registered Users Posts: 1,748 Curl Neophyte. The reason? Using hair dye. 3. How long should I wait to relax hair after I color? This you can do at home before you head to the salon. CurlQ Registered Users Posts: 14. I am 13 weeks post-relaxer. I have brown hair that I've gradually had lightened over the last few years. but tonight my hair was itching and I WAS SCRATCHING, I dont know why..but it feels better now.Any how long do you wait to relax after you've have a REAl real good scratch? The deep-conditioning will prevent breakage and leave your strands silky smooth. Make sure that you follow all of the instructions for using the protein mask. Relevance. The waiting period gives hair time to rest and allows time for the curl to relax. 0. It has done a complete 360. Avoid Sweat. It also makes the color last longer. A significant change in hair color from its natural color leads to drier hair. However, most back-to-back chemical services do not affect the curl, but result in excessive damage to the hair. About a year ago she had another perm but she bleached the bottom layer of her hair and after she bleached it, the hair wasn’t permed anymore in that area. Can I do it at the same time? Favorite Answer. Using hair dye after chemotherapy. If using a permanent hair color, it is best to wait the full two weeks. New perms are sensitive. Answer: Any permanent hair color you choose when you relax your hair can NOT contain peroxide, or ammonia. Hi, Two weeks, don't make the same mistake I did, I read on the box I could dye my hair after relaxing it and it would be okay, it's a lie, my hair came out, and I had also listened to a family member and they were not right. Just because your hair has changed doesn't mean you're doomed to an endless procession of bad hair days. Coloring your hair right after this type of treatment can easily over process, over lighten, or make your hair more susceptible to damage. 2 Answers. Truth be told, most of us do at least one—if not all—of these Oh My goodness, I have THE most SENSITIVE scalp ever and I use a lye relaxer. It is recommended that a week before you relax your hair you avoid rigorous physical exercise that will allow sweat to sit on your scalp. Hair-Dye Tips ; Writer Bio. You wouldn't want to risk losing your hair if you color the same day after relaxing. STAY HYDRATED One of the common causes of breakage is dry When is it safe to color or dye my hair after a hair transplant? I recently relaxed my hair and in need for a color touchup. Comments. Stylist 5ive 1. ITA with pinklady. This question was posed by a hair loss sufferer seeking hair loss help on our hair restoration forum and answered by Dr. Steven Gabel of Hillsboro, OR who is an elite member of the Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians. I really want to dye my hair but I also need to relax it. We recommend waiting two weeks between your chemical treatment and coloring your hair. My hair falls out quite a lot after each wash and I have noticed it’s thinning. Hair dye could cause the curl to fall out if the service is performed to early. How long after dying my hair can I perm/relax it? (Generally, 20 to 30 minutes versus the 30 to 45 minutes required for non-relaxed hair.) You can get one done at a salon, or try an at-home treatment. in the adventure that they damaged your hair previously then you actual shouldn't attempt it lower back. October 2013 in Straightening/Relaxing. It is best not to use dyes or perms for around 6 months after finishing chemotherapy. October 2013. In this video I am just showing how I apply a relaxer to my hair from start to finish for a touch-up.