Official Identification Acceptable forms of official identification include plastic flock I.D. All sheep and goat ear tag numbers are allocated by the Government's Ear Tag Allocation System (ETAS). The producer can use ear tag ink to number them ac-cordingly. Note regarding Scrapies tags and Official ID: Sheep and goats are required to have Scrapies tags. Allflex USA, Inc.PO Box 612266 2805 East 14th Street Dallas Ft. Worth Airport, TX 75261-2266 Ph: (833) SCRAPIE  [833-727-2743] Fax: (972) 338-3445 Website:    Weomun. To see this list, search under ' EID ' or ' RFID ' (radio frequency identification) on the RPA website at . This is a electronic goat tag set which can be printed with the official animal identification number as required by D.A.F.M . NLIS Sheep & Goats in Western Australia. Official Identification Acceptable forms of official identification include plastic flock I.D. APHIS discontinued the availability of no-cost metal tags for producers on 8/31/19. Yet they can also make wonderful pets for people. Olive Grove Business Park, Unit C24/25, Old Paardevlei Road, Somerset West, 7130. RITCHEY LIVESTOCK ID We are a little company that believes in big ideas; a company that enjoys the grind of getting better each day. CONTACT ALLFLEX TODAY. The https:// means all transmitted data is encrypted — in other words, any information or browsing history that you provide is transmitted securely. Please visit the USDA website for a . Last updated: 1 February 2019. 877-330-3943 First and foremost, figure out what you want to do with them. Neck tags are a popular method of livestock identification for goats, sheep, llamas, and alpaca. NLIS (Cattle) tags. You see silly baby goats cavorting in pajamas, pet pygmy goats playing joyfully with small children, and grown commercial breeds of goats staring adorably into the camera while sporting the latest fashions in ear and neck identification tags. Some 10,000 years later, this advantageous arrangement continues unabated, with the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (UNFAO) estimating that there are now about a billion goats kept domestically worldwide. Price match guaranteed. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your web browser. X .18” thick and weighs 3.3 grams . AIM Registered, Herd No. Identification of Goats. Quick View. What is with this sudden spate of tragosphilia (“fondness for goats”) that has seemingly taken the world by storm, one would think that people are only now rediscovering the charms and benefits of goat herding. Here's how you know. The neck tag is available in seven popular colors. In Pennsylvania, producers are required to identify their sheep and goats with an official scrapie identification method before moving them off their farms. You’ll do fine with the latter, in all likelihood, if you are just starting out and have a modest budget. And still others (well, all of them, when you get right down to it, since goats are notorious “eating machines”) can be put to work clearing land of unwanted vegetation. Quick View. A plastic chain is used so that if the chain gets caught, it will break instead of choking the goat. *Attention: A temporary USDA program to provide official electronic identification devices (EIDs) "840" tags for limited use on breeding cattle only, can currently be shipped to you at no charge.To view the specific conditions required and to be sure you qualify to receive these tags, refer to the specific agreement forms linked below. These tags also make extremely durable identification of many items other than livestock. This is not “work” as far as the goats are concerned, of course; for them, it’s just food! Durable livestock ear tags and neck tags can be used for identification locally. Information on ordering official sheep and goat ear tags/devices: The United States Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS), National Scrapie Eradication Program, is providing up to 100 plastic flock ID tags free-of-charge, to first time participants in the sheep and goat identification program through fiscal year (FY) 2021 or until the available funds are expended. Quick View +1; 25 Blank Allflex Sheep/Goat Ear Tags. Visual Goat Tag - €0.60. Please call the USDA Office to order Scrapie Tags at (615) 781-5314 (in Tennessee) or 1-866-USDA-TAG (which routes you to the proper State by telephone prefix) or order sheep and goat tags online by clicking here. We officially approve all identifiers that manufacturers supply for official identification purposes. This is especially true in Western states and the Pacific Northwest, where herds of goats are used to eradicate poison oak, knapweed, leafy spurge, and other toxic or invasive species of plants.