You and your helper can each handle one cat in the same room. Place the cats… A big, silly, dumb dog that changes the cat dynamic completely. If you don’t have better luck the next time or two you try to introduce your cats, you may need to enlist a helper. Most cats do not readily accept a new member of the family; they need time to get used to the idea. Throwing two cats together without the proper introduction is asking for trouble. But, with patience and planning, almost all cats … Separate your cats in different rooms for several days or weeks, with separate beds, bowls and litter boxes. Do it the Right Way When Introducing Cats. More Tips for Introducing Two Cats. A … While the cat … In many ways, two cats are better than one! The way I tell my clients to do new cat introductions is to take it “one sense at a time.” First the cats may hear each other (if one or both are vocal), then they’re … Give the new cat everything that it needs: a bed, water, food, scratching post and a litter box . This way they can hear and smell each other, but don’t have to interact. Watch as we show you how it’s done! While cats' preferences are highly individual, some breeds, such as Persians, Maine … Trying to figure out How to Introduce Cats the best way possible? Place your new cat’s towel on or near your resident cat’s favourite place and encourage him to approach; If your cat … Mickey Niego. That said, it’s important that you properly introduce a new cat to an existing cat to avoid conflict. Interact with your own cat, feeding treats, playing or doing whatever that cat … To introduce two cats properly, place the new cat into a separate closed room with no way to escape. how to introduce two cats When you bring your new cat home, make sure to take them into a secluded area of your house or apartment where they can be locked in or kept away from the other cat… Because when I’m introducing a new cat… If the Aggression Is Mild or Between Two Cats Who Used to Get Along. Blue Buffalos GUIDE to introducing a 2nd or maybe 3rd cat to your familys lovable litter will have you all set for a fun and adorable meet and greet session. So introducing two cats is going to be critical if you don’t know how to do it properly. I’ll add one small caveat to my recommendation about introducing two cats to each other earlier than that two week confinement period: I have a dog. Good thing it … So you must start by introducing the cats to each other by “swapping “scent. Cats communicate visually but also by scent. Meet Cole and Marmalade as the meet each other for the first time! A carefully planned introduction is everything. But two cats can learn to cohabit, if you provide the right environment for your resident cat to accept a roommate. Before you get started, there are some very important things to keep in mind about introducing cats..