The front element on the FA does not rotate. (1) 1 product ratings - SMC PENTAX-A 645 ZOOM 80-160mm f/4.5 Lens from Japan Freeshipping [Exc+++++] The major differences lies in that the Pentax 645 is manual focus only, while you can both manual and auto-focus (with autofocus lenses, of course) on the two newer versions (n and nii). It’s black, big and the shutter and auto winder make a fairly prominent noise. MSRP $1,599.00 $1,909.01 at Amazon This manual focus lens is a member of Pentax' star seri The longest lens available for Pentax 645. This also happens to be one of the best performing lenses in the 645 line-up (for you pixel peepers). The only thing I'm not loving about the A lens is the rotating front element; it's a pain in the butt with CPLs. Is this beast of a camera worth the 8000 I have had a Pentax 645 for few months and have really enjoyed using it, so this is an attempt to put some thoughts together on it. There's a lot going on, so if you want to show up and look and sound like The Man, go for it. Lenses. EMULSIVE is bringing the photographic community and industry together, one Community Interview at a time. Using F4 is not a problem for me. FInder. As I said at the start, I bought the Pentax 645 with the idea of taking a few more formal and street portraits with it, but I have also used it for street scenes around town. The one photo in this set that Id say was underexposed ( of my son Rohan ) Was using expired film and in really challenging light conditions anyway. The camera has a lot of modernish features, light meter, aperture mode, P mode, auto wind-on, and exposure compensation to name a few. View all photographs taken by EMULSIVE on large format sheet film. It won’t be a first look, and it won’t be a field report. For reference, the Pentax 645 isn’t my first or only medium format camera. In medium format terms, it’s one of the smallest possible negatives (4x4cm super slide wins that), but it is still considerably bigger than your normal 135 stock. Buy Pentax 645 Lenses. This should be no surprise though, it has autowinder and needs six AA batteries to run the winder and the meter. Yeah, it’s not got the hipster looks or the waist level viewfinder of the Hasselblad and it’s not got the big fat juicy negative of the Mamiya but I find it easy to use, if not easy to carry around. In addition to the 55mm f/2.8 lens, Pittman also worked with a personal copy of an older Pentax 645 system lens, the smc PENTAX-A 645 75mm f/2.8. Do you think the camera’s exposure system is accurate? Fast-forward to the present, and the 645Z is the latest in this series that now spans more than 30 years. A Portrait (Color Depth) score of … Since the focal lengths are so different (from very long to very wide angle) it was hard to get the exact same framing, but I think it’s still possible to make a conclusion based on the test photos. This is an excellent lens. It’s my heaviest camera by far. EMULSIVE is a space for film photographers of all backgrounds to spread knowledge, experience and thoughts about everything related to film photography. The trade-off being the negative is of course, smaller than the 6×7 of the Mamiya 7. This picture sums up the looks of the Pentax 645 better than I ever could. ... Pentax doesn't currently make any leaf shutter lenses for the 645 system—there are a pair of older, fully manual lenses available on the used market. I haven’t had to adjust the exposure in lightroom post development on these. This also means that you might get an aperture ring if using the older Pentax 645 lenses that have them. This is an exceptionally good manual-focus ultrawide lens for use on the Pentax 645, 645N and 645NII medium-format cameras. Lenses This camera uses its own Pentax 645 mount that began with this camera, and lives-on today, 35 years later, in Pentax’s digital 645. Pentax 645 35mm 3.5A Review / October 23, 2016 by Jake Horn Up until the last decade, if you needed a wide angle prime for your Pentax 645 , there was only one game in … Her… I have had a Mamiya 7 for about a year now and recently picked up a Hasselblad 500C. You can support this goal by contributing your thoughts, work, experiences and ideas to inspire the hundreds of thousands of people who read these pages each month. One to one interviews with the film photography industry and service providers. PENTAX 645AF2, 645AF, and 645A mount lenses, which means everything you already have for your old Pentax 645. This also means that you might get an aperture ring if using the older Pentax 645 lenses … @kyle_mcdougall. Starting with the With an overall DxOMark sensor scoreof 101 points, the Pentax 645Z has the second-highest-scoring sensor we’ve ever tested, beaten only by the 51.4Mp Sony sensor in the Hasselblad X1D-50c. Pentax SMCP A 645 80 160mm f/4.5 Medium Format user reviews : 5 out of 5 - 2 reviews - Pentax 645 – “City on a Hill” – Pentax-A 645 150mm – Kodak Ektar 100 (converted to B&W in post) In all cases, the 645 performed extremely well. I like to mention that, may be because of the weight of this lens balance so well with my K-5 which gives a very confidence pressing on the shutter resulting ultra steady photo capture. Written by Martin Jeffery and published on March 24, 2020July 3, 2018. There were quite a few lenses in the FA series, but there were only 3 “Limited” lenses – the 31mm f/1.8, 43mm f/1.9 and 77mm f/1.8. There's also print and apparel over at Society 6, currently showcasing over two dozen t-shirt designs and over a dozen unique photographs available for purchase. Introduction top. Lens Mount Pentax-D FA645 35mm F3.5 AL IF is compatible with cameras that have Pentax 645AF2 lens mount.Some of the latest released cameras with Pentax 645AF2 lens mount are Pentax 645Z, Pentax 645D and . The Pentax 645 has a built-in motor drive and all auto and manual exposure modes, as well as a full line of excellent lenses available cheap. It is a beast of a thing, and not for the faint-hearted or if you suffer from a bad back. Shoot 400 at 200 etc. PENTAX 120mm/4 Macro: Rounding out the three lens system is the medium telephoto that doubles it's usefulness with close focusing abilities. With 120 film loaded you get 15 shots to a roll which gives you a little bit more bang for your buck. Anyway, I convinced myself I wanted a medium format camera with a faster lens than the Mamiya 7’s (f/2.8 v f/4), this with the idea of starting to taking a few more portraits of family and friends. This model featured a 40MP CCD sensor, measuring 44 x 33mm, and it appealed to Pentax 645 legacy users through its support of all 645 mount lenses. Because of this, thankfully, there are many choices in the medium telephoto range. Get answers to your questions in our photography forums. These are bargains. The longest lens available for Pentax 645. The FA version is the same optics. December 2008 more Pentax reviews . The PENTAX 645 has gained the support of photographers due to its priority on image quality when shooting in the field including scenery. The meter is accurate and the lenses are a joy. Camera review: the Pentax 645 – by Martin Jeffery I have had a Pentax 645 for few months and have really enjoyed using it, so this is an attempt to put some thoughts together on it. I’d also like to get a wider lens to try in the future. F2Bthere Premium Member. January 2009 more Pentax reviews . Best Wide-angle Lenses for Pentax 645Z / 645D. My camera came via eBay with a 75mm f/2.8 lens. If you are going to shoot in P mode then for to give yourself some latitude Id look at how you rate the film. It may be my body but wondered what someone else thought. View all photographs taken by EMULSIVE on 65mm large format IMAX film. SMC Pentax-A* 645 600mm F5.6 ED [IF] lens reviews and detailed specifications. I really liked being able to easily use older glass on this new camera." RICOH IMAGING | 645-mount lenses lineup of Medium-format Digital single-lens reflex camera. Both systems existed before autofocus, and have a manual version. Oct 3, 2020 #2 645 easily covers, naturally, so you get the best of the lens. The first digital version of the company's 645 medium format camera system, it features a 40MP, 44 x 33 CCD sensor, 921k dot 3.0"" LCD and is compatible with the existing 645 system lenses. And the “new” and modern 55mm was approximately 400 USD. Expert news, reviews and videos of the latest digital cameras, lenses, accessories, and phones. A review of the Pentax 645n, medium format camera system. Explore experimental development techniques, pushing and pulling film, cross processing, red scale photography and much, much more here. I haven’t used in P mode though.. View all photographs taken by EMULSIVE in various film formats. Thoughts and musings on film photography. The Pentax 645 35mm f/3.5 is an exceptionally high performance and useful lens compared to other ultrawide reflex lenses. LCD. Check out the submission guide here. At the heart of EMULSIVE is the concept of helping promote the transfer of knowledge across the film photography community. The Pentax 645 is great for cover shots, but not for covert shots. Well does anyone really need a reason to buy a new film camera? SMC Pentax-A* 645 600mm F5.6 ED [IF] lens reviews and detailed specifications. I used Imatest to check the sharpness of the Pentax D FA 645 55mm f/2.8 AL [IF] SDM AW ($999.98 at Amazon) lens ($1,199.95) that was provided along with the camera for review—the 645D is … There are some that wouldn’t even count 645 as medium format, which is funny as the negative is bigger than a digital Fuji GFX50 sensor. If you go to Pentax Forums you'll see one extremely negative review. Pentax 645 vs Pentax 645n vs Pentax 645nii Up front, let’s go ahead and get this out of the way—spec-wise, all versions of the Pentax 645 are almost identical. PENTAX 645Zまとめ PENTAX 645Zは、他に存在することのない唯一無二の一眼カメラであるといえるでしょう。 高画質にとことん追求したモデルですが、最大級の大型センサーの搭載や、5000万を超える有効画素数を保有しておきながら高速レスポンスや高い処理能力を実現した非常に実用 … I take this lens out a lot and take whatever I find right and it delivers a lot of fun and great photos as all other 645 lenses do. The longest lens available for Pentax 645. Pentax Ricoh has revealed the HD Pentax D FA 645 Macro 90mm F2.8 ED AW SR, an image-stabilized 71mm-equivalent macro lens for its 645D medium-format DSLR. This lens achieves superb resolution, high contrast, natural … The PENTAX 645 lenses, the compilation of optical technologies. Pentax 645NII Review Pentax 645 Refconverter Ultimate Pentax 645 Gear If you're interested in wood adorned cameras, I have some available in the store . These lenses … One other feature the camera has is date imprinting, which imprints the shutter speed and aperture for each shot just outside the frame. There is actually already a bit of an overview review here on 35mmc that covers all of these alongside the Pentax MZ-S – a camera that I … From shutter speed testers to large format cameras, we’ve got you covered. A deeper look into projects created by yours truly and members of the analogue photography community. I trust the centre weighted meter. If you want a good in-depth review then check here, it’s well worth a read. If you don't mind optics which prefer to be stopped down a little, the Pentax 645N is a much faster and more fun camera to shoot than the other more manual Hasselblad or rangefinder Mamiya systems. I have read a few articles where people bemoan that 6×4.5 is too similar to a 135 negative. May 20, 2020 at 11:38 am. Pentax 645Z Review – Features Although the 51.4-million-pixel sensor may be new, its dimensions aren’t, with the sensor being the same 44 x 33mm size as the original unit in the 645D. Consider this a user experience for want of a better phrase; a few thoughts as opposed to a technical tear down. Reply. PENTAX 645NII CAMERA REVIEW / January 24, 2016 by Jake Horn The Pentax 645NII w/75mm 2.8 A few years ago, I was in a position where my only medium format cameras were the Voigtlander Bessa III Wide and the Fotoman 69HPS . Pentax 645 150mm 3.5A Review / April 30, 2017 by Jake Horn Medium format camera systems historically focus their glass selection towards landscape, portrait, and studio photographers. Experimentation plays a huge part in film photography – it’s baked right into the medium. I have used it at 60th/sec handheld and gotten wobble free photos. I find the 645 easier to focus for portraits with the split screen centre than the rangefinder of the Mamiya. View all photographs taken by EMULSIVE on 110 format film. The premise is simple, you ask the questions and we’ll get the industry to answer. I have a 75 f2.8/35f3.5. Introduction top. The readout on the top of the camera is digital like a 1980s calculator, this is cool. The camera will stay in rotation for sure, and will definitely get pulled out when I find some more people that will let me take portraits of them. If you like what you're reading you can also help this personal passion project by heading on over to the EMULSIVE Patreon page and giving as little as a dollar a month. View all photographs taken by EMULSIVE on 35mm format film. I think the only thing that might tempt me to get rid of it, is if I got a super bargain Pentax 67 from somewhere. Lenses for Pentax 645 Mount MOUNT Any Canon EF Canon M Canon RF Four-Thirds Fujifilm G Fujifilm X Hasselblad XCD Leica L Leica S Micro Four-Thirds Nikon F Nikon 1 Nikon Z Pentax K Pentax Q Pentax 645 Sigma S Sony A Sony E BRAND Any Pentax CROP-FACTOR Any 645 (0.5X) 645D (0.8X) STATUS Any Current Discontinued For this review I used 150mm f/3.5 and 200mm f/4 lenses, courtesy of MrCad in Croydon (, as well as the new D FA 645 55mm f/2.8AL SDM lens … These though are increasing in value like the Mamiya 7 did last year. I can give you a few feeble reasons but being honest, I get a kick out of trying new cameras. 3." Enjoy Extended Returns thru Feb 01, 2021! I have a 645, which I love, but in fully automatic mode It seems to consistently underexpose film, both color and b&w, somewhere 1/2 to a full stop. It’s my heaviest camera by far. The Pentax 645 is a noisy thing, worse than a Canon 5D. I have not used this lens. This is 1984. Get answers to your questions in our photography forums. I have a 75 f2.8/35f3.5. Thank you so much for this! Body Surfing by JeffryZ from monthly motion challenge The Pentax 645 is a medium format single-lens reflex system camera manufactured by Pentax.It was introduced in 1984, along with a complementary line of lenses.It captures images nominally 6 cm × 4.5 cm on 120, 220, and 70 mm film, though the actual size of the images is 56 mm × 41.5 mm. I recently bought the Kipon Pentax>GF adapter so over the next few weeks, I'll post samples from the Pentax lenses I own. • SMC Pentax-A 645 120mm f/4 Macro (excellent, but rather heavy). PENTAX 645AF2, 645AF, and 645A mount lenses, which means everything you already have for your old Pentax 645. Read Pentax 645D Review. Hi, I can’t say I have noticed any problems with the exposure on mine. I shoot in Aperture mode and use the EV +/- where I think i might have to. Why then did I buy the Pentax 645? The Pentax SMC FA 645 55-110mm f/5.6 ($1,699.95) is a zoom lens for the company's 645D and 645Z medium format cameras.Its zoom ratio is a modest 2x, but it … Read EMULSIVE’s travelogue articles; travel stories brought to you by the EMULSIVE film photography community. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices. Mine is the manual focus model, there are autofocus models out there which will set you back more money for the body and the lenses. Find all of EMULSIVE’s darkroom-related articles right here. Wide open, the SMC Pentax-A 75mm f/2.8 lens gives you get a nice depth of field for portraits and stopped down the lens is nice and sharp. There are 5 wide-angle lenses for Pentax 645Z and 645D cameras. For locations demanding more reach, I swap this out for the 150mm/4. Best Standard Zoom Lenses for Pentax Rather, this is a report about my daily use of the 645z, which I purchased in early August, 2014 and the … Red and The smc PENTAX DFA 645 55mm F2.8 lens that we were sent for review along with the 645Z provides a field of view roughly equal to a 43mm lens. Intro Specs Performance Usage Recommendations. The camera just feels good, and handles much like a favorite old 35mm, but heavier. For ultra wide angle prime lens, the Pentax smc DA 25mm f/4 AL (IF) SDM AW lens is the best choice. Aimed primarily at 645z/d owners who are considering the GFX and are curious how their Pentax investments might perform on a GFX. Old scanned review of Pentax 645 camera and lenses including lens sharpness test. To give you an idea of the weight, let’s do a quick camera Weight Watchers weigh-in of the cameras that I own: Pentax 645 and 75mm f/2.8 lens: 1.75kg The Pentax HD D FA 645 35mm F3.5 is a sharp wide-angle lens for the 645 medium format system, but it does show a little barrel distortion. The new released Pentax 28-45mm f/4.5 ED AW SR lens is one of the best choice for wide-angle photography. Pentax-D FA645 35mm F3.5 AL IF is an Auto Focus (AF) Wideangle Prime lens with 645 max sensor coverage and it is designed to be used with Pentax 645AF2 mount cameras. Buy Pentax 645 Lenses. It is completely compatible with all Pentax 645 film backs and 645 lenses, both manual and auto focus. Focusing is easy through a nice bright viewfinder (with a dioptre feature, too). I will introduce the various lenses from telephoto to macro. The Pentax 645N is an autofocus medium-format SLR. It’s under-appreciated when compared to the lustfully coveted Haselblads and Rolleis of the world, and sometimes panned for its simplicity. Personally, I have grown to love this ugly duckling of a camera. So, if you can get over the weight and the noise and the looks, then this might be the camera for you . Lens Compatibility. This manual focus lens is a member of Pentax' star seri Pentax 645Z and 645D are two of the most popular medium format cameras in the world, unlike most medium format cameras, 645Z and 645D are cheap, price under $10,000. It features the company's HD and nano-scale Aero Bright coatings to maximise light transmission while reducing … And hot on the heels of this ……. • SMC Pentax-A 645 45-85mm f/4.5 (excellent – better than the primes it covers). This is Pentax' second medium format 645 … There is no A version. After some thorough research, I landed on the Pentax 645. Film photographer in the North of England documenting modern life and family experiences. Pentax 645 – top down. Intro Specs Performance Recommendations. Size-wise here how it stacks up to a standard 35mm film SLR. Lenses for this camera — so-called “A” lenses — are manual focus. Both lenses more than pack their own weight. As you would expect with such a high overall score, the 645Z’s sub-scores are extremely good, indicating that it’s capable of capturing a huge range of colors and tones in a single file, while noise is controlled well. Fall Morning by jw432 from My best photo of the week. The lens offers maximum magnification of 0.5x, when focused at its 41cm (1.36") minimum focusing distance. Expert news, reviews and videos of the latest digital cameras, lenses, accessories, and phones. I love the focus of the 75mm lens that came with it, it’s really smooth and a pleasure to use. The manual lenses turned cost me roughly 150 USD and turned out to be an excellent fit for the camera. View all photographs taken by EMULSIVE on 120 format film – 6×6, 6×7, 6×9, 6×12 and 6×17. The camera will initially be So what I was naturally looking for was a medium format SLR. April 2009 More Pentax Reviews . I used Imatest to check the sharpness of the Pentax D FA 645 55mm f/2.8 AL [IF] SDM AW ($999.98 at Amazon) lens ($1,199.95) that was provided along with the camera for review… If you really would like to see what the Pentax 645 FA 45-85 and Pentax 645 FA 80-160 are capable of you should go review some of the work Tim Fitzharris produced with both lenses for the Audobon Society. Explore our website to see our extensive inventory, and enjoy great prices along with legendary service.. I don’t have any experience comparing lenses like this, so I’m sorry if I oversee something. Intro Specs Performance Usage Recommendations. To give you an idea of the weight, let’s do a quick camera Weight Watchers weigh-in of the cameras that I own: I’m used to carrying a fairly heavy bag and a couple of cameras with me, so the weight isn’t an issue for me. GAS and the “wrong” camera: Skateboarders with the Pentax 6×7 in Singapore, Camera review: My journey with the Pentax 645, Camera Review: Pentax 6×7 – by Daniel J Schneider, 5 Frames... Of birthday photos on ILFORD Delta 400 Professional (35mm Format / EI 400 / Canon A-1 + Canon FD 100mm f/2.8) - by Josh knowles, 5 Frames... On 30-ish year old Svema FN 64 (35mm Format / EI 64 / Nikkormat FTN + Nikkor-H 50mm f/2 Non-AI) - by Michael Bovee, Another Hasselblad XPan alternative: Introducing the PressPan, 5 Frames... At Wisley Gardent on Fuji Superia 1600 35mm Format / EI 1600 / Nikon F90X + Nikkor 135mm f/2.8 AI + Micro-Nikkor 55mm f/3.5 AI) - by Charles Mutter, A complete guide to the Mamiya RZ67, part three: lenses, filters and accessories, Hassleblad 500C and 80mm f/2.8 lens: 1.4kg, Olympus OM10 and 50mm f/1.8 lens: 670g (yes grams). Read the latest film photography news right here on EMULSIVE. Do not forget that this adapter also allows you to mount lenses on digital Pentax 645d and 645z which only operate in stop-down metering mode. Anyone using Pentax 645 Manual Focus lenses on the GFX 50R. Find your perfect Leica or M-mount film camera with the help of this interactive tool & reference data, 65 photographic projects you can do when you’re stuck at home, Color drama: Negative Lab Pro v2… Finding the right workflow for scanning color film at home, How to make a TEXPan: shoot wide-format 35mm film in the Fuji GW690III rangefinder. It works in all the automatic and manual exposure modes of the Pentax 645, 645N and 645NII. Get answers to your questions in our photography forums. For Portrait work. The test was done indoor shooting a bunch of object with the same lighting and with the same camera settings (iso200, fixed white balance) on a tripod. Pentax' 645 lenses are fine, but not as stellar as the Hasselblad or Mamiya 7 systems if you like to shoot flat landscapes at infinity at full aperture. Introduction. It works in all the automatic and manual exposure modes of the Pentax 645, 645N and 645NII. It’s affordable, easy to use and delivers quality images. Pentax 645z In-Depth Review Let’s start with the stipulation that this won’t be a formal review. I read some excellent reviews on the Pentax 645 A 120 Lens. Get the best deals on Pentax 645 Lens when you shop the largest online selection at Thanks . デジタル一眼レフが誕生した頃は数百万の画素数で画期的とされていたカメラの性能ですが、現代では何千万を超える画素数が一般的になってきました。, この進歩はわずか直近20年程度のことで、デジタルカメラは急速に成長を進めています。, 今回ご紹介するのはPENATXが販売する超高画素機である「PENTAX 645Z」です。この記事ではPENTAX 645Zの特長や他のメーカーにはない性能や機能を徹底レビューしていきます。, カメラメーカー各社は高画質を追求し続け、ユーザーが満足できる写真への仕上がりというのを意識しています。, フラッグシップモデルと呼ばれるカメラは、どれもが高性能かつ高画質を実現する各メーカーを代表するモデルとなっていますが、今回ご紹介しているPENATX 645Zは、ペンタックスが孤高の存在としてフラッグシップモデルであるK-1 Mark IIとは別に開発した唯一無二の存在です。, 各メーカーではセンサーサイズの大きい「フルサイズセンサー」を搭載したカメラの開発を基本としていますが、こちらのPENTAX 645Zではフルサイズよりも更に大きい中判サイズのイメージセンサーを搭載しています。, その大きさはなんとフルサイズ(35.9mm×24.0mm)の約1.7倍となる43.8mm×32.8mmの大きさを実現しています。画質を最優先に考えたカメラだからこそ採用されたイメージセンサーの巨大化です。, そしてセンサーサイズが大きいからこそ、被写界深度が浅いため、ボケ味の表現も自由自在です。写真本来の良さというのを体感できるモデルです。, まずは外観から見ていきますが、ご覧の通り、サイズ感としては近年販売されているデジタルカメラとしては最大級の大きさを誇ります。, センサーサイズが大きい影響もあり、携帯性よりもカメラとしての性能を重要視した結果となりました。, 大事な撮影でデータを二重に記録できるデュアルスロットは、プロフェッショナルの現場でも安心できる機能の1つです。, PENTAX 645Zでは、このデュアルスロットを採用しており、SDカード2枚に同時記録を行うことができるため、データ紛失などのトラブルにも心配することなく、安心した記録を行うことができます。, PENRTAX 645Zで記録できる媒体は、「SD、SDHC、SDXCメモリーカード、Eye-Fiカード、FLUカード (SDHC、SDXCはUHS-I規格に対応)」となっており、一般的なSDカードを使用して撮影することが可能です。, 【初心者向け】SDカードの選び方をやさしく解説!見るべき性能とおすすめSDカード5つを紹介 – RentioPress, このような高級機としては珍しく液晶画面が稼働するチルト式液晶が採用されています。チルト式液晶が採用されていることで、撮影できるアングルの幅が広がります。, 例えば地面に近づけて低い視線で撮影するような「ローアングル撮影」の場合、チルト式液晶が稼働させて液晶画面を見ながら撮影するライブビューモードを使用できるため、ファインダーを確認できないような撮影シーンでも活きてきます。, 外観を確認したところで、ここからは実際に撮影していく上で気になる性能部分をレビューしていきます。, この大型なボディに見合うほどの性能が搭載されているのかどうか気になるところだと思います。, 冒頭で一眼レフカメラとしても最大級である中判サイズのセンサーを搭載しているとご紹介していますが、この巨大なセンサーを活かして有効画素数約5140万画素を実現しています。, なおこの有効画素数約5140万画素は、2019年1月現在で販売されているデジタルカメラの中でFUJIFILM GFX 50Rと並んで最も高い数値を誇っています。, 一眼カメラで高画素機というと、キヤノンが販売するEOS 5Ds/5DsRや、ニコンの最新ミラーレス一眼カメラであるNikon Z5などが思い浮かびますが、これらは高画素機ゆえにノイズが目立つ傾向にあり、高感度耐性には他の上位モデルと比較すると優れていないといるでしょう。, しかしPENTAX 645Zでは、有効画素数約5140万画素を実現しながら高感度撮影では最高ISO204800を実現しています。, 実際に撮影してみましたが、さすがにISO102400以上はノイズが著しく、作品として使えるレベルとは言えませんが、夜間の撮影でも実用的に使用したいISO3200程度では、ノイズが目立つことなく、実用性の高い高感度耐性を実現しています。, 今回RAW形式で記録を行いましたが、1枚あたり平均して60MBを超えるような非常に大きなファイルサイズとなります。ちなみに一般的なAPS-Cセンサー搭載の約2000万画素程度のモデルでは、1枚当たり大きくて20MB程度のファイルサイズとなっています。, PENTAX 645Zでは、最新技術を駆使して開発した最新の画像処理エンジン「PRIME III」を搭載し、この膨大なデータ量も瞬時に処理できる能力を実現しています。, PRIME IIIでは、従来のPRIME IIと比較して約5倍もの処理速度を実現し、撮影後すぐに画像を表示するクイックビューの高速化などを実現し、あらゆる面で性能向上に貢献しています。, 扱うデータ量が膨大である影響からカメラとしてのレスポンスやスピード感は従来モデルである「PENTAX 645D」での大きな課題でした。, PENTAX 645Zでは後継機として、これらの課題を解決しました。画像生成に関するパフォーマンスを大幅に向上させ、AF性能や画像処理などで大きな進化を遂げました。, 同時に連続撮影時の重要なポイントとなる大容量バッファメモリーの搭載や、メモリーカードへの書き込み速度の向上など、ファイルサイズが膨大となるRAW撮影時でもストレスを感じることなく撮影を行うことができます。, 一眼カメラではある程度のイメージを手動で設定することで色合いや淡さなどを調整することができますが、思い通りいかないなど限界を感じることがあります。, PENTAX 645Zでは、あらかじめテンプレートとして11種類のカスタムイメージが搭載されています。それぞれのテンプレートでは、彩度や色相、コントラストなどある程度が設定されていますが、元の状態からそれぞれを細かく調整することも可能です。, 専用マウントである「645マウント」に対応したレンズのみが使用可能で、2019年1月現在で16種類のレンズを使用することができます。, PENTAX 645Zは、他に存在することのない唯一無二の一眼カメラであるといえるでしょう。, 高画質にとことん追求したモデルですが、最大級の大型センサーの搭載や、5000万を超える有効画素数を保有しておきながら高速レスポンスや高い処理能力を実現した非常に実用性の高いカメラです。, 正直なところ使用するまではあまりのカメラの大きさに驚きを隠せませんでしたが、いざ屋外で撮影してみるとそのサイズ感は少し大きく感じる程度で、普段使用しているハイアマチュアやプロフェッショナル向け一眼レフカメラと大きな違いを感じることはありませんでした。, しかし、撮影したデータをPCで確認すると大きな驚きを感じます。これまで見ることのなかった繊細な画像からは、公式サイトで大きく掲げられた「真の高画質とは、こういうことだ」を強く実感できる瞬間でした。, 今回ご紹介してきたPENTAX 645Zですが、メーカー公式オンラインストアの実売価格では、699,300円(税込)と非常に高価です。, これほど高価であるといきなり購入することは難しいと思いますが、気になる存在としてチェックしたい方は少なくないと思われます。, 家電レンタル「Rentio」では、今回レビューしたPENTAX 645Zを気軽でお得にレンタルすることが可能です。, 購入前の検討材料としてはもちろん、旅行や必要になった一時的な利用でも可能です。ぜひこの機会にRentioで「真の高画質」を体感してみてください。, 2020年最新おすすめミラーレス一眼カメラ12選!初心者でも失敗しないカメラの選び方, 一眼カメラメーカー7社を徹底比較!初心者が知りたい各メーカーの特徴や違いを分かりやすく解説, [2020最新]Canon(キヤノン)おすすめ一眼レフ10選。王道EOSシリーズから人気モデルをご紹介, [2020厳選]フルサイズミラーレス一眼おすすめ9選。話題のCanon、Nikon、SONYから人気モデルを徹底紹介, 初心者が気になる「フルサイズ」と「APS-C」の違いを徹底解説。画質、画角、対応レンズに大きな違い, [最新]キヤノンおすすめレンズ10選。まずは揃えておきたいレンズを性能と価格から徹底紹介, カメラ女子におすすめのミラーレス一眼5選!安くて軽くてかわいいおしゃれなカメラを紹介, SONY α7C実写レビュー。フルサイズの描写力をそのままに驚異的な携帯性を実現した最新ミラーレス一眼, GoPro HERO9 Black実写レビュー。画質、手ブレ補正、フロントディスプレイで大きな違いを見せた最新モデル, Canon EOS R6実写レビュー。次元の違いを感じる圧倒的な完成度を叶えた最新ミラーレス一眼カメラ, Canon EOS R5実写レビュー。あらゆる性能で“理想”を体現した最新フルサイズミラーレス一眼が誕生, Canon EOS Kiss X10i実写レビュー。人気初心者向けシリーズの最新上位モデルの実力を徹底解説, 新時代の衣類ケア家電“LG styler”特別インタビュー。「気持ちも衣類も毎日リフレッシュできる」, OLYMPUS PEN E-PL10実写レビュー。はじめてのミラーレスにおすすめの小型軽量・簡単操作を実現, Canon EOS M6 Mark II実写レビュー。進化が止まらないEF-Mマウント最新ミラーレス一眼の実力, Canon EOS 90D実写レビュー。久々のキヤノン最新一眼レフを使って感じた圧倒的な性能の進化, SONY RX100M7実写レビュー。使って感じたRX100最新モデルにおける着実な進化, 高価なカメラや家電のレンタルならRentio。 全品往復送料無料。お試し利用にもオススメです。.