Our pioneering seaweed farm will ethically produce a sustainable crop which British customers and Industry can use in lots of innovative ways – from biodegradable plastics to a new … In her book ‘Slime,’ Ruth Kassinger visits a family-run seaweed farm in South Korea to see how the crop is grown and transformed into nori. Maine Seaweed is family owned & operated, harvesting the highest quality Atlantic seaweeds and sea vegetables by hand for over four decades. Springtide Seaweed is a fully integrated organic seaweed aquaculture company. The farming of seaweed is accelerating as firms exploit its fast growth and green credentials. why our kelp? We grow over four varieties of seaweed including sugar kelp, skinny kelp, alaria, and dulse on the largest organic seaweed farm … We are dedicated to making a powerful and positive impact on the health of our … Starting in 2014, the company worked with researchers at the University of Alaska Southeast to develop techniques for commercially farming kelp -- rather than harvesting wild kelp beds. The combined farm, situated some 12 kilometres off the coast at Scheveningen, is a world first, the companies … Good food should do good. GreenWave was born, designed to train the next generation of ocean farmers; Thimble Island Ocean Farm now serves as GreenWave’s … Additionally, it can take … Solar energy start-up Oceans of Energy and sustainable biomass and food producer The Seaweed Company have joined forces to create a ‘solar & seaweed farm’ at sea. The Rise Of South Korea’s Seaweed Farming Industry. Agriculture and seaweed aquaculture also cross paths in the biofuel market, which is expected to reach $10.73 billion by 2025, as interest in cleaner energy sources drives growth. Industrial scale Seaweed farming & Anaerobic Digestion A green energy company changing the future of renewable energy as we know it Seatech offers a patented fully automated solution to the simultaneous growing and digestion of seaweed … ... the new seaweed colonizes them and outcompetes the traditional variety he has built his company … At Atlantic Sea Farms, our kelp is never dried, never dyed, and is grown at home. Salmon farming, in particular, is like farming any other kind of livestock, with the risk of fish dying unexpectedly or being exposed to diseases, Giskeodegard says. SEA FARMING. With an unstable oil market and the state commitments to finding renewable energy sources, oil companies … In 2014 we decided to take restorative ocean farming on the road.