Amid the debt crisis, Puerto Rico’s Legislature raised sales taxes to 11.5 percent, which is the highest in the U.S. and costly for a city with median incomes of $22,734. After Hurricane Maria rocked the island of Puerto Rico in 2017, leaving 2,975 dead in its wake and displacing no fewer than 130,000 people, it became increasingly apparent to those remaining on the island that they couldn’t rely on the U.S. government to help them when they needed it the most. Your best protection against this fever is to wear sunscreen, mosquito repellent and long-sleeve shirts and pants. Here's what's going on in Puerto Rico, and some of the biggest questions people are asking: Puerto Rico was a Spanish colony for centuries until the US invaded it during the Spanish-American War in 1898. Student Struggles at the University of Puerto Rico. What are the causes and threats of poverty? Gov. Write Review: Upgrade: Claim: Social Issues Resources Series is a Puerto Rico Foreign For-Profit filed on June 25, 1998. For some, a loss of independence, The investigation continues: Unregulated drug treatment and Puerto Rico, Officials respond to unlicensed drug rehab groups, demand answers, Faces of Addiction: Puerto Rico and Chicago, Univision features Social Justice News Nexus. 2.The government has increased police surveillance in high crime neighborhoods, installed video equipment to monitor streets and alert law enforcement when there is criminal activity. Company Information : Company Name: SOCIAL ISSUES RESOURCES SERIES: File Number: … There were allegations of fraud — and then came 889 pages of leaked chats. Farmers from all over the island were invited to attend and present at the Congress. "We are here to make a revolution.". But that position is currently vacant. The Last Decades in Puerto Rico. As a college student and anti-war activist in the late 1960s, Edwin Melendez remembers buying a half-dozen posters in his native Puerto Rico that resonated with him on a deeper level. Social scientists trying to grasp the nature of social equality generally analyze who has how much and why. The next year, Spain ceded Puerto Rico (and Guam) to … The "L" Word. Compromiso de vida: A commitment to life for Puerto Rican women in crisis by Elyse Samuels. Part of the problem stems from a US law back in 1920. An analysis of the political, social and financial situation of Puerto Rico during the decades of the 1980s and 1990s, brings to light significant data. (CNN)You may think the protests erupting in Puerto Rico are all about the government's texting scandal. Since at least 2016, people from all walks of life have united to demonstrate against painful austerity measures aimed at tackling a serious financial crisis arising from the island’s crippling external debt. 3. 1. The governor responded: "You'd be doing me a grand favor. From textiles to gasoline and even 85% of its food supply, Puerto Rico’s economy relies heavily on imports … But the problems run much deeper. 1 decade ago. Thousands of users joined the thread, followed by a modest amount of media coverage. Puerto Ricans voted yes in 2012, but that didn't really matter because Congress would still need to pass a law admitting Puerto Rico as a state. Miroslav Malát (Editor) Series: Central America and the Caribbean BISAC: POL030000. Puerto Rican singer Ricky Martin joined protesters demanding Gov. By Adriana Cardona-Maguigad, Puerto Rico to Chicago drug pipeline on WBEZ Next in line would be Puerto Rico's secretary of justice. Inequality in a strict sense simply refers to relative position on a distribution of resources. Unrest in Puerto Rico is not just about the governor. As the economy gets worse, more Puerto Ricans leave, and the government has less tax money to pay its debts. The Jones Act requires all goods ferried between US ports to be carried on ships built, owned and operated by Americans. Inequality in Puerto Rico has been comparatively high since the early days of its industrialization. I believe violence in Puerto Rico was caused by the involvement of drugs throughout the country. Puerto Rico officially came to be subject to the United States of America as result of the Treaty of Paris on December 10, 1898, through which Spain surrendered its colonies to the United States. Social Issue. Puerto Rico; Social Security Offices in Puerto Rico. Things got really bad in 2015, when Puerto Rico defaulted on its monthly debt for the first time, and in 2017, when Puerto Rico filed for bankruptcy -- the largest US municipal bankruptcy in history. As Puerto Rico struggles with an epic debt crisis, social justice issues abound on the island and in Chicago’s Puerto Rican community. from Puerto Rican authorities  Though Cobian said all participants of the private chat were being summoned, she declined to provide a list of names. "I think the most honest thing to say about our grid is that it's weak or fragile," Puerto Rico Power Authority CEO Walt Higgins said last year, shortly after taking the helm. SJ ARCHIVES. Puerto Ricans were granted US citizenship in 1917. Puerto Rico's Justice Department has issued summonses for everyone involved in the private chat group with Rosselló. ISSUES. Puerto Rico's debt is huge -- about $70 billion. Those ships are much more expensive to buy and operate than ships from other countries. An official website of the United States government. Environmental, Social & Governance Law covering issues in Puerto Rico of Setting the Scene – Sources and Overview, Principal Sources of ESG Pressure Today in Puerto Rico, social clubs which permit wealthy Spanish immigrant and upper-class Puerto Rican (white or light mulatto) exclude the Puerto Rican Negro and the Jibaro, Puerto Rico's "common working man." Since the leaked messages were published, throngs of protesters have filled streets in Puerto Rico demanding the governor's resignation -- as well as reforms to problems that have long plagued the island. In the Senate of the United States a resolution is pending which would authorize a “full and complete study and investigation with respect to … Social Justice News Nexus, In South Africa, COVID-19 compounds domestic violence crisis…and leaders fight back, Rewriting 70,000 Individualized Education Plans puts Chicago Special Educators in a Bind, To and from the common brick: Slow-motion disaster on Chicago’s South Side, Former SJNN Fellow investigates public housing and Latinos for Univision, La Perla: the vibrant San Juan neighborhood, Medical marijuana has potential to reduce Puerto Rico’s debt, For Puerto Ricans in Chicago, no one’s an island, What price statehood? Overall, it was a reminder of the increasingly vital role social media has played in addressing major issues such as the health crisis in Puerto Rico. The participants will be ordered to appear before Justice Department officials and have their cell phones inspected, department spokeswoman Mariana Cobian said. While most of the weapons retrieved are found abandoned close to half were recovered while the carrier was involved in some illegal activity. The strongest storm to hit the island in 85 years killed an, But a study showed the federal response to Puerto Rico was, When Hurricane Maria struck, Puerto Rico was still trying recover from. The historical debate on the political status of Puerto Rico is focused on the question of whether this unincorporated territory of the United States should join the American union as a new federal state, maintaining the current relationship under the definition of the Commonwealth in terms of the 1952 … The Puerto Rican legislature is now meeting in special session to deal with emergencies raised by the wartime shortage of shipping. Hurricane Maria survivors receive food and water being given out by volunteers and municipal police as they deal with the aftermath of Hurricane Maria on Sept. 28, 2017, in Toa Baja, Puerto Rico. Relevance. This graph shows the stats of social media in Puerto Rico based on over 10 billion monthly page views. Rosselló referenced a former New York City Council speaker and suggested someone "beat up that whore" after she had criticized a politician for supporting Puerto Rico statehood. By Kari Lydersen, Puerto Rico’s drug pipeline  During the 1960s, the Vietnam War and the presence of the Reserve Officers Training Corp (ROTC) at the University of Puerto became the issues that sparked social movements, not only on the campuses but also throughout the island. Poverty in Costa Rica is caused by many factors, such as lack of education and immigration, and leads to many diseases. Ricardo Rossello resign. That hasn't happened yet. by Nikita Mandhani, Medical marijuana has potential to reduce Puerto Rico’s debt Updated 7/21/2016: Sponsored Links. Former … At that point Puerto Rico began to be governed by United States military authorities. Puerto Rico has had its share of cases and has even declared dengue epidemics in the past. Despite widespread calls for his resignation, Rosselló said he's not stepping down. The company's filing status is listed as Cancelled and its File Number is 10519-112. b. Ricardo Rosselló and 11 top aides and Cabinet members exchanged profanity-laced, homophobic and misogynistic messages about fellow politicians, members of the media, celebrities and others in a scandal many are calling "RickyLeaks.". The next year, Spain ceded Puerto Rico (and Guam) to the US. Social Justice News Nexus, Anatomy of a This American Life story For some, a loss of independence Lv 7. Then there's overspending by the Puerto Rican government. The biggest issue is probably the lack of education, as it leads to a chain of consequences. by Rebekah Frumkin and Hannah Rank, What price statehood? Puerto Rico lies approximately 1,000 miles southeast of Miami and 1,500 miles from Washington, DC. The FBI would neither confirm nor deny whether it was also investigating the chats, bureau spokesman Luis Rivera said. ", Sobrino Vega also made crude remarks about a Puerto Rican pop star, saying "Nothing says patriarchal oppression like Ricky Martin.